Nov. 8th, 2016 05:25 pm
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As a general rule I never post anywhere about politics.

I am doing so now to vent. Not to influence anyone.

At this point I have not let myself be exposed to any news coverage today.

I've spent this election season terrified that Trump would win.

I am a white straight male.

I'm not just afraid of what he would do if he won, I'm afraid of what it says about my country if he won.

I hate that polling has as much chance for him to win as it does. A man that vile and full of hatred should have NO chance to win our highest office

Add on his running mate and you have the biggest steaming pile of hate I have ever witnessed in my life.

Sometime tonight I will find out whether our country came to it's senses in time.

I voted.

Some people have classified a Clinton vote as a vote for the "lesser of evils." I don't see it like that...it is voting for the best of my choices.

Trump: Vile putrid sack of hate.
Stein: Anti Vax was enough for me as the father of an autistic child.
Johnson: Never heard enough about him to form an opinion.
Clinton: I like some of her platform, dislike parts. Email scandal? She's been under investigation so much that if there was anything to find it would have been found.

But here is my hope beyond seeing Clinton win.

I want to see the highest turnout in history.

I want the will of the people to be crystal clear to everyone. If half the country is full of hate I want to know. The higher the turnout the more the vote will reflect the kind of people who live here. I want to live in a country that accepts and embraces our diversity. I fear we don't.

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